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This is the most accurate version of Hotel made for PC. It is done with Visual Basic so the graphics are simple and flat, but the good side is that it's really easy to use. You can save your matches and load them later. A new and original function is to see a graphic of the trend of player's money through the match. Helpful for lonely players, because it lets you challenge with the CPU up to 4 players. Worth to try only for Italian players, but I heard that soon will be released an English version.

PUBLISHER Digital Hotel Team



DESCRIPTION FROM THE SITE Digital Hotel is the "PC version" of the boardgame "Hotel©", like the classic and much known " Monopoly©". Digital Hotel provides 2 to 4 players, some of which can be controlled by the CPU. Each player will have the option to purchase one or more land (there are eight in total) and build on each of them one or more buildings, thus creating a complex that forms the real Hotel. The opposing players, if they rolled the dice ending after just one of the entrances of your hotel will have to pay the owner the night: the amount is established by running a single die and the number coming out (1 to 6) represents the number of nights to be paid. The cost per night varies depending on how many buildings / facilities the hotel has, so that increase the quality and thus value.
For any information regarding "Digital Hotel", you should read this guide carefully and above all the game rules. At any time during the game you can press the F1 key to get information or a 'help on the screen' where you are.
Since version 2.1, you can choose to play with more types of rules. To help readers, in the guide have left blank the common rules and special rules highlighted in yellow "Digital Hotel" (starting with DH) and the special "Hotel European version 1989/1993 (start with HE).
LINK https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B0MiDPEoy1n1ZDYwMjcwNGYtZmQ0NS00NTY3LWE0ODgtZTdhZmFlZDlkZDg5&hl=en
Note: I'm not responsible of the files you download following this link, use them at your own risk. I don't share files, so if the link doesn't work, don't email me asking for the file, search it with Google if you prefer.


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