Welcome to the most comprehensive source of the board game Hotel.

I consider this site a Fan Page but also a Collector's Guide, here you can find a lot of information, rare pictures and trivia, just navigate and have fun!

I am gathering material from all over the world to make this site the greatest resource of Hotel, if you wish to contribute you can send me rare pictures or scans of your games.

"The game of glamour, power & wealth"

"The Dimensional Game of High-Rises and High Stakes!"

"A Towering, Dazzling Hotel Empire!"

"The game where you buy lands, build hotels and if you don't break any law you don't risk to go to jail"



 02-02-2020: Updated Story with a unique picture of the untold legend Mr Geoff Hayes, the real inventor of Hotel (thanks to his daughter Janie!). Updated Links and Videos pages. Added 2015 and 2019 boxes (78 total).


09-05-2017: Added the Japanese Box of 1987 edition, thanks to Elaine!


16-05-2016: Added the Interview with Max Ford, more 2013 Boxes (now 63!),improved pictures of 1992-China edition and Gran Hotel


29-05-2014: Added the 2001 Italian Travel edition


14-05-2014: Added the tutorial videos for the Asmodee Edition in English and Italian


08-05-2014: Added the exclusive page dedicated to the 2013 Asmodee Edition. Big thanks to Anthony, Bart and Julien.


07-05-2014: Added the rules and deeds in Dutch, Greek and Hungarian in the Downloads page


04-05-2014: Added the "Unofficial" section in menu "Editions". Moved there the "1992 China edition" and added "Hotel Rich" and "Gran Hotel"


14-04-2014: Updated the Boxes Pictures page. So far I've found 54 different boxes!


11-04-2014: Added the Hotel Flash pc game


21-10-2013: Added the 2013 Eu Asmodee Edition


09-07-2013: The site has been redesigned with new content. Check it out!


18-04-2013: Added the prototype of 2013 Asmodee Edition. Thanks to Galleria di Gioconomicon.

P.S. on 08-05-2014 the pictures have been moved on the exclusive page dedicated to the 2013 Asmodee Edition


18-08-2011: Added the 2008 French / Asterix Edition


07-01-2011: Added the 1992 China Edition. Many thanks to Nan Ma!

Which edition of Hotel do you own?

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